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I had heard about Dr. Kott from my girlfriend, she had been her dentist for several years.
I was in severe pain for several weeks due to a failed root canal from another dental clinic, and could not stand the pain any longer. My girlfriend had called Dr. Kotts office and set up an appointment for me. Unfortunately I did not have dental insurance and we all know how expensive dentistry can be…however, Dr. Kott and her staff were understanding and extremely helpful. The visit was pleasant, the staff was awesome, and as for Dr. Kott…absolutely Amazing!…extraction of a molar without any pain whatsoever!…they did a wonderful job and I would recommend this dental office to anyone! I was in and out within 20 minutes. They really took great care and consideration with me…one of the best dental clinics I’ve ever been to…Thank you, Dr. Kott and staff for everything.

Justin M. Dominiak